Friday, February 20, 2015

Deadline extension

The deadline for turning in nursing applications for admission in August of 2015 has been extended to Monday, March 16, 2015 to accommodate those who could not complete their testing due to the weather. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spring 2015 Textbook List

1st Semester                                                                  
1.  Understanding Pharmacology Workman            978-1416-02917-5
2.  Nursing Math Simplified 5th    Moore   978-0-943-20294-5
3.  Nursing Central Content Download      Custom Non-Returnable
4.  Ipad Mini                       Special Order only
5.  Fund of Nursing Bundle - 2 vol set         Wilkinson            978-0-8036-2354-5
6.  Physical Exam Pocket 6th         Jarvis     978-1-4377-1442-5
7.  Psychiatric Mental Healthw/Docucare Videbeck              978-1469-87088-5
 8.  Test Success 6th          Nugent  978-0-8036-2818-2
9.  Fluid & Electrolytes 8th             Kee        978-14354-5367-8
10.  Nurse Pak    Coursey
2nd Semester                                                                
1.  Focus on Adult Health w/Handbook     Pellico   978-1469-80506-1
2.  Intro to Maternity & Ped Nursing 7th   Leifer     978-1455-77015-1
3.  S/G to Maternity & Ped Nursing 7th     Leifer     978-1455-77256-8
4.  OB/Peds Notes 2nd    Holloway             978-0-8036-2332-3
5.  Docucare       Lippincott            978-1451-18247-7
6.  Nurse Pak - 2nd Semester        Coursey

Exit to LPN                                                                     
NIP         140        Success in Practical Vocational Nsg 7th    Hill         978-1455-70335-7

3rd Semester                                                                 
1.  Medical-Surg Nsg 7th Ignatavicius        978-1437-72801-9
2.  Docucare       Lippincott            978-1451-18247-7
3.  Nurse Pak - 3rd Semester         Coursey
 *Physical Exam Pocket 6th            Jarvis     978-1-4377-1442-5
*Intro to Maternity & Ped Nursing 6th      Leifer     978-1-4377-0824-0
*Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic & Lab 4th              Pagana  978-0-323-05747-9
*Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses 14th          Vallerand             978-0-8036-3976-8
*Nursing Care Plans 8th  Gulanick               978-0-323-09137-4
*Prep-U 1-yr Subscription              Lippincott            978-1451-14881-7  deleted

Jarvis - Physical Examination and Health Assessment, Saunders, 6th Edition
 (*Student's s/h books - except incoming LPNs)      
4th Semester                                                                 
1.  Essentials of Nursing Leadership 6th    Whitehead          978-0-8036-3663-7
2.  Lippincott's Q&A Prep U Pkg   Billings  978-1496-31466-6
*Capstone Coach for Nsg Excellence 2nd Campbell             978-0-8036-3907-2

Friday, October 3, 2014

Admission status letters

Letters with regard to admission to the nursing program for the Spring semester of 2015 were mailed on Friday, October 3, 2014.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pre-Admission Conferences for Fall 2015 admission

Friday, November 21, 2014, 10 a.m. – 12 noon
Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 4 p.m.-6 p.m.
Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Friday, February 6, 2015, 10 a.m. – 12 noon

All conferences will be held in the Auditorium of the Hatley Building, MCC Health Sciences Campus, 750 N. Laffoon St., Madisonville, KY.  Attendance at an MCC Pre-Admission Conference is required to be considered for admission to the nursing program.  Appointments are not necessary to attend.  Directions to the MCC Health Campus are available at:

The Health Sciences Campus is located near Baptist Health Madisonville.  No one will be admitted if more than 15 minutes late to a conference, so it is very important to get directions and allow sufficient time for travel.  Applicants must stay for the entire conference.  Children will not be admitted.  Cell phones must be turned off or to silent during the conference. If the conference must be rescheduled for any reason, information will be posted on the blog site.

                        Compass Appointments                                (270) 824-8656
                        A2 Appointments                                           (270) 824-1702
                        LPN to RN Entrance Exam Appointments    (270) 824-1702